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The getfrankie Story

Day one...

After searching the market and failing to find any unique and modern collars for our dogs, we decided to take matters into our own hands, creating a collar that would stand out from your traditional collars.  Fast forward two weeks and over 20 failed attempts using the monogramming machine that Brett’s mum owned, the first getfrankie collars were made for Tim-Tam, Tyler and Mishka.    

The following weekend, we took our dogs for a walk at a local dog park in the inner west of Sydney and were stopped multiple times by other dog owners asking where the collars came from.  Once we told them that we had made them ourselves, two of the other owners asked if we could make one for their dogs.  At this moment we realised that our accidental foray into dog collars might be the seed of an idea we could build a business around

Within 30 days, we had everything we needed to start production of our collars. We also had over 50 people who had pre-paid for their very own collars when they were ready after re visiting the dog park multiple times and spreading the word around family and friends.

Perfecting the product

But after posting out collars to everyone on the wait list, we realized there was a problem - the letters on the first batch of collars weren’t embedding in the leather as well as they’d hoped, leading to a high number of returns and lots of hand written “We’re Sorry” notes.

Following this we went back to the drawing board. With a change in the embossing process after purchasing a higher quality industrial grade monogramming machine and after dozens of collars were given away at no-charge to “road test” them, the end result was exactly what we’d hoped for - stylish, high quality and durable designer collars.

The Story Continues

And that, my friends, is how getfrankie started. We have an (unhealthy) obsession with just 3 things: quality, customer service and helping your doggo stand out from the crowd with one of our custom-embroidered, super stylish collars.

If you want to spoil your doggo and make him the talk of the town, then you’re at the right place.

Welcome to getfrankie!

Brandon (with Tyler), Karen (with Mishka) and Brett (with Tim Tam)

getfrankie Founders & Doggo Lovers

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Sizing Chart

Our collars are available in four different sizes: